Monday, August 17, 2009

Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA, 8/15/09

A loud and energetic audience fueled the latest Quiet stop at the Hotel Cafe. The second to last show before Jeff leaves the band saw us leaving the horn section and light up vest behind, but the rambunctious crowd more than made up for it. We rolled out the newer songs with style, and the audience ramped up Another Heartache to an 11 with our forced arena rock moment of shouting "HEY!" on the designated breaks. We got to feel like Green Day for a shining moment. September is just around the corner, with the big farewell to Jeff show, so we'll make sure it's one for the books.


Caravan (Van Morrison)
Come November
Everything and Nothing
Let it Fall
The Company You Keep
One More Chance
On the Sideline
Another Heartache
Live Life Now
Oh Darling! (The Beatles)

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  1. OOh a Beatles cover! Do you have that one on video so I can see/hear?!